Friday, January 30, 2015

What this site is

Welcome to 30 Days of Madness Fitness. This is the sister blog to String Theory Fitness which is intellectual ramblings on the topics of fitness, nutrition, training and other weird health thoughts that comes to mind.

This particular blog though is more focus and less rambling on topics. At this site I will be issuing 30-day or month long challenges to complete. Each challenge is to be done daily for 30 days. With each challenge there will be series of follow up articles to go along with the challenge whether it be science related, personal observations about the challenge or technique videos.

These challenges will sometimes seem soft and maybe not appealing to some of the more hardcore trainees, but others will be more brutal. Whether it be a nutritional challenge, lifting style challenge, mobility challenge, gymnastics and etc.

I am easily distracted by the myriad of information out there and find myself wanting to incorporate everything I learn into my programs. This helps to keep things interesting, but I fail as a trainee to stick to anything long term.

30-days is supposedly the time it takes to acquire new habits. I don't know if we will be acquiring new habits, but we will be making improvements, keeping things interesting and still allow for enough flexibility for experimentation and fun.

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