Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 4 Reflections of 30-day Squat

So how are you enjoying the 30-day Squat Challenge? If you have been with me since the beginning  you are like me you are starting to feel the effects.

I'm feeling run down and lethargic, but I am hoping that it will pass. If anything I am learning and what I sort of concluded before embarking on this quest was that slow and steady is going to win the race. This is a quest right? I feel like in the end there has to be some sort of riches like sexier legs and ass, and better lifts overall.

Anyways, I wouldn't probably recommend maxing out on this challenge or maybe not until the very last day. You are free to do it however you want though it just seems masochistic to try to push the limits every day.

I think there is going have to be some lighter days and some heavier ones– reps and rest periods are going to vary. Right now I'm varying exercises and after the first two days for me I wasn't really feeling all that fatigued.

I started with a medium stance back squat since I have a general tendency to squat wide on day one. Day two it was some KB goblet squats and KB front squats it really wasn't too bad. On day three though it was Zercher squats and as I write this around noon time fighting my usual blues I can tell that I am starting to feel the exhausting affects of the program.

Today, is going to be an easier day once I get home from my job. Today is a recovery day and that means some more KB style squats and foam rolling and I mean lots of it. Just generally need to take a step back and do something a little more relaxing. Never stop squatting this month, but it is ok to have easier sessions.

Food cravings have changed as well. I was before craving lots of vegetables just a couple of weeks ago. Now, meat seems like all I can think about. I'm hungry and tonight it's ribs for dinner.

As for supplements that I am taking. It isn't really much mostly just a probiotic, whey protein powder, Vitamin D and melatonin for sleep. I have an on again off again relationship with supplements and in particular melatonin. However, in the midst of this challenge I don't want to have any bad nights of sleep so I'm using melatonin as my guarantee for that.

I will probably be adding a multivitamin to my regimen just to make sure I'm getting all the things I need and am recovering properly.

As far as recovery techniques go I haven't really been doing much besides some stretching here and there, but evidence suggest that stretching doesn't help with recovery. However, I think stretching improves your quality of life by making you more mobile. Tonight I hope to do some foam rolling and maybe an ice shower of some sort.

I have to recover, I have to keep getting strong. These are just my reflections of course. I will continue to post these as well as the Why Squat? series throughout this month. I'm already thinking of the next challenge as-well it may be less intense than this one though ha ha.

Before I close this post out though. I feel like squats may make a more permanent mainstay in my training. They seem to be championed by weight lifters (particularly Olympic weight lifters) to be done with an enormous amount of frequency. I am starting to develop this idea that squats in a more general sense whether it be bodyweight or under the bar should and will be my usual warm up no matter what sort of training day it is. I just have to adapt. Don't be a pussy go lift some shit. 

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