Monday, February 9, 2015

Why Squat? The Benefits of Training Your Legs pt. 2

So the last article in this series was mainly about two very important hormones that are increased due to squatting. These two particular hormones can have some pretty unique affects on the body in regards to training. Some of which I hope to cover in this second segment of the series

A lot of shallow gym going males are self-obsessed with how big their upper body is, in particular they are concerned about their arms. Yes I'm sure some of you have seen the photos of the people with the disproportionate upper body to their lower body. In the weight training world we call this chicken leg syndrome– do not be that guy.

Well gents you are in luck because as it so happens there was a study that was done in Norway at the University of Lillyhammer that performing squats followed by bicep work increased the size of the biceps. The reasoning for this was concluded to be because of the testosterone surge that occurs after squatting.

From Ergo-Log:

The subjects trained using weights for which they could just manage 10 reps. Before, during and just after a training session they drank shakes containing proteins and carbohydrates.
When the researchers studied the men's biceps at the end of the 11 weeks, they saw that the L+A biceps that had been trained after the leg training were all significantly bigger than the A-biceps that had been trained separately from the leg training. What's more, the L+A biceps were stronger than the A-biceps.
So there you have it squats make your arms bigger and sexier and ladies will like it too. However, this challenge isn't only wagered towards men so it wouldn't be fair to talk only about the benefits that occur for them.

Lets look at some of the feminine benefits that exist. Women go through all sorts of whacky hormonal shit that can be confusing for guys and in the case of the big bleed can be thought of as disgusting. I'm not particularly squeamish, but anyways, weight training can have a great benefit to female the female physique as women age even more so then receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

At the University of Arizona middle aged women were studied to see what had a better effects in regards to body composition weight training or HRT. As part of the weight training prescription the women were required to do squats. Guess what won when it came to body comp that's right the squat did.

From Ergo-Log:
he researchers did an experiment with 2 groups of just over 110 women. One group did no training; the other group went to the gym 3 times a week. The women did 2 training sessions at 70 percent of their 1RM, and 1 at 80 percent of their 1RM. They did basic exercises: leg press, hack squats, smith squats, lat pull downs, lateral rows, back extensions en dumbbell presses. On top of that they did stair-climbing or aerobics.

[...]The figures tell us that power training has a stronger effect on muscle mass than hormone therapy does. Hormone therapy does reduce fat mass, and as a result strengthens the effect of weight training a little, but the weight training has a bigger effect.

So as you can see squats are super beneficial for not only keeping men sexy but ladies sexy as well. This is just really a short article. However, keep coming back to the site for more researchy type of stuff that is related to the squat. 

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