Monday, March 2, 2015

30 Day Push Up Challenge

There were only 28 days in February this year which sorta throws off the whole 30 day challenge thing.

The intention is to do a new one each month to increase work capacity and bring of lagging parts in a persons training. We are building strength skills, mobility and etc in hope of increases overall performance and strength.

Today is the last day for the squat challenge and as chronicled already in other posts it wasn't really so bad except for some very painful needs. My muscles and my mind could handle the workload but knees just weren't up to the task really. Maybe it was a mobility issue or maybe my legs muscles are stronger than the connective tissue in the knees and surrounding areas.

Well I will rest and recover before I start squatting or even dead lifting again for that matter and instead place my focus on a push up challenge.

Doesn't matter how you do your push ups or how many reps or sets– just do them every day.

My goal is to do a 100 push ups a day. This will either be done spaced out throughout the day or in one work session.

I will probably do a wide variety of styles for this as well.

Reason being is when I was younger I was decent at push ups and could pump out sets of 50 fairly easily. Now I am burned out after about 20. They are a good overall body stimulus with lots and lots of variety.

You should strength the abs since you are in a constant plank position, chest, triceps, to some degree lats and shoulders depending on variation. They incredibly versatile and require no additional equipment.

If a full push up is too hard for you try doing them from the knees or at an incline to lessen the burden.

As usual there will be follow up articles on the benefits of the push ups, as well as my general experience with the challenge going forward. Take care.

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