Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April 2015: Lunge for 30 days

Despite the shady practices of his company there is something to be said about hard work

This months challenge once again gets inspiration from Cory Gregory who is the president of Muscle Pharm supplements.

Although, the supplements seem to be whack for the most part or just like any other generic bodybuilding crap you'd probably buy at GNC; Gregory seems to have some interesting ideas. As you will recall the first challenge for this website was 30-days of squatting which was inspired by an article about him I read on the Tight Tan Slacks of Deszo Ban website.

Nikolaj Pesalov
Sure 30-days of Squatting probably isn't anything new, I mean heck the Bulgarians were doing it, Matt Perryman wrote a wordy e-book basically on this concept as well. However, Gregory seems to be getting the word out again on this with his high profile stature in the world of fitness.

One thing I'd not heard about though was lunging a mile every day. Gregory was talking about this on the Barbell Shrugged podcast. Although, some of the claims he makes in regard to lunging and squatting every day are probably suspect given the reputation of his company there is something to this idea of constant leg training.

Me with my mobility and structural issues I've been dealing with for over year did see benefits from the near daily squatting despite the almost debilitating knee pain at the end of the month. However, I don't blame the squatting so much as my mobility and alignment issues I've been dealing with. However, I did feel like I was having a physique change and an interesting strength transfer over to other exercises.

Lunging seems promising as a lower body alternative for the legs, glutes and your overall stamina in place of the squat. I have to do more research on this, but I'd imagine that these would help strengthen the VMO muscles around the knee which seems like always a positive.

I was tempted to do this months challenge with something like deadlifts since I love them so much and recently have been doing trap bars which hold so much promise. However, this lunge thing seems promising and like the squat could be potentially used as a corrective exercise.

So far these challenges have served as strength builders and corrective types of exercise. Nothing but positives can come from stronger glutes and unilateral style training.

Gregory supposedly can do a mile with 40 or 80-lb weight vest. This seems tough especially for those who don't regularly do lunges or cardio.  He also said that this is how he basically does cardio since he can't stand doing it – ok I guess.

Anyways, I don't know if I'll be doing a mile by the end of the month, but I think doing about a block to two blocks a day is a good start. I've already started experimenting with this type of exercise where I basically do smaller greasing the groove type sessions during walking breaks at work and then doing a longer session sometime during the day.

My goal is to do basically daily lunging and in particular between one and two blocks. If I can hit a mile that is great.

For extra credit this month you can if you like balance barefoot on your toes for up to 5 minutes each side every day or every other. This may be a future full month challenge. This comes courtesy of a recent Reuters article biomechanist Katy Bowman was featured in as well as T-nation article by HFT author Chad Waterbury.

Reason being for this is well it will strengthen the feet, calves, core strength and balance. Maybe this will be explored further, but it is not the goal just a side challenge to do if you are feeling frisky. Anyways, keep checking back to the blog I hope to post training updates and some cool research or anecdotal reports if I find them.  Til next time ciao.

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