Monday, March 30, 2015

Failure to complete: Push Up Challenge Derailed By Vacation.

Damn the push up challenge sorta died and I'm really, really sorry for that. I missed probably the last week or so since a vacation to Colorado happened to fall in the last week of March.

I'm super sorry to since I wasn't really posting as many articles as I'd hoped in regards to the push up. I can only speak from anecdotal experience in regards to the first three weeks of doing this challenge... since well the last four were spent skiing, hiking and enjoying the beauty of Colorado.

There were very few push ups to be had on said vacation except for two trips to the Red Rocks amphitheater where I attempted to work out at an elevation my body was completely unaccustomed too.

Anecdotally though my push up game has improved when I was doing the challenge. I didn't always but occasionally I would wrap a mini band around my leg and force my legs apart for increased glute activation.

Bench press has been non-existent in my fitness routine and I did manage to work my way up to a pretty easy feeling 195-lbs. Shoulders were a little wacky and I don't want to re-injure myself which is what I have been trying to improve for over a year now so I avoided going anywhere near 200-lbs.

Not bad really for a guy who only has benched twice in almost two months and though 155-lbs felt hard. Not sure if it is really the push ups, the extra focus on the squat, glutes, mobility work or my new found passion for the hex bar deadlift but the bench was significantly easier that last time around.

Anyways, if you have stayed true to the 30-day push up challenge and kept up with it through out the month of march – congrats.

Look forward to the next challenge here this April.

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