Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lunge 30 Day Day 7

So far the lunge every day challenge has been much more gentler than the previous lower body challenge which was squat every day.

Although, the lunging is fatiguing with only bodyweight it seems easier to get over mental hurtles to do about a block or more a day. Typically I do small distance lunging between breaks at work and the guys doing construction down the road give me looks... well fuck em.

Anyways, I feel like my glutes and quads get a pretty decent pump. Overall, there isn't really much pain doing this and I'm hoping that this is going to help with conditioning the muscles particularly the glutes and vmo and strengthen connective tissue in the knees.

I'm liking this challenge because if done at speed I get some metabolic affect and can feel my heart racing. Is this contributing to the enormous gainz (bro talk) that squatting every day has had? Not sure really, I've done some deadlifting and benching lately and I'm seeing my strength return, but I'm not pushing it to the max.

I'd like to start squatting more again, but I trying to still self correct. Lunges plus squats x deadlifts equal gainz for days son. However, I have to play it safe so not to hurt myself.

One thing I am noticing is the stretch across the front of my body in the hip flexor region. This is probably good and I'm not sure if this is improving my posture at all or not. However, it has me thinking about Ido Portal and his idea (not exclusively his) of strength with flexibility. Allow the flexibility to come with the exercise.

This has me thinking about side lunges and squat walking. I've experimented a little with both, but it is an idea I am curious to explore more in order to better build strength, flexibility and training motor patterns. More experiments to come.